I evolved from using an Excel Workbook to using 1Password (for FREE) to store my passwords

I evolved from using an Excel Workbook to using 1Password (for FREE) to store my passwords

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When I initially used 1Password at work, I was surprised by the ease with which I can store, retrieve, fill and even share my passwords in case I want to. This was a big shift from my traditional way of

  1. storing them in an Excel Workbook; image.png

  2. securing the file with a master password (and Touch ID); image.png

  3. with dozens of different sheets categorising my credentials; image.png

  4. keeping the file in sync with my smartphone through iCloud; image.png

It was a lot of work doing all of that, honestly.

1Password was pretty good at what it did, but with the pricing structure that they offered for personal and family use, I wasn't sure if it was even worth the $36 or $60 I'd be spending "just to store my passwords". image.png

I recently learnt that 1Password started offering free Family Plans to users who use 1Password at work (with a Business plan), and fortunately my organisation is on one of these plans.


Well, so what next?


To experience the full potential of 1Password, I'm migrating all my passwords (stored at various distributed locations - excel workbook, chrome, safari etc.) to my vaults.

The one thing which excites me about 1Password (for now) is how seamless the experience is - it has native Mac app, Windows app, Android app, iOS app, a chrome extension and even a Command Line Utility (๐Ÿ˜ณ).

Looking forward to have a better experience now!

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