Reminders on Slack messages (and even snoozing them!!)

Reminders on Slack messages (and even snoozing them!!)

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Harshit Budhraja
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I always saved a message on Slack when I wanted to check it out later. Little did I know, Slack has a feature to let you add reminders against messages (and even snooze them!). image.png


To add a reminder against a message:

  1. Click the "More actions" button on the message to open up the actions menu.
  2. Find an action "Remind me about this".
  3. From the list of intervals, select your desired interval or choose a custom date and time. image.png
  4. Once you do that, a reminder will be created for you and you would get a DM from Slackbot at the set date and time. You can choose to delete it, mark it as completed or just snooze it for a later time. image.png
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