Port a website to the Dark Web in under 2 minutes

Port a website to the Dark Web in under 2 minutes

It's as easy as running a tiny docker container using tor-nginx-proxy.

What if hosting a website on the dark web was as easy as running a tiny docker container in your own machines or a remote server or merely on your Raspberry Pi? What if I tell you that it actually is, and you can now host your own website on the Tor 🧅 network in less than 2 minutes? ⌛️

What is tor-nginx-proxy?

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tor-nginx-proxy is a docker image which helps you to do exactly that ☝🏻

How does this actually work?

What you see is a tiny docker image based on alpine which encapsulates tor and nginx in a single container, and enables you to proxy traffic from your .onion url to your website on the clearnet. Too many jargons, eh?

In NSS ("not-so-sophisticated") terms, this can be understood as a simple proxy_pass happening from your website on the dark web which is being served through tor to your website on the internet, but inside the docker container.

Can I see any website live on Tor which is using this? discontinued

Of course! IPOAlerts.in, a service which was built by me over a weekend last month, is now available over Tor 🎊 And it's using nothing more than tor-nginx-proxy behind-the-scenes. Here's a glance of my docker container which is serving it on Tor.


Check it out on: http://ipoaltnp5be3mvotgap2ohu62py5nyu25cg2uognl7u5kysqxsrezoad.onion/ using the Tor Browser.

You can also check out the twitter feed to see who else is talking about #tor_nginx_proxy.

Why call it "tiny"?

Because, it's less than ~15MB in size 😆 Docker Image Size (tag)

How can I use it?

To get started, I recommend checking out the README(s) on either of the following:

  1. Github Repository: github.com/harshit-budhraja/tor-nginx-proxy
  2. DockerHub Repository: hub.docker.com/repository/docker/harshitbud..

You can possibly use it in any way you'd like to (given that it adheres to the terms of the License).

Show some support 🙇🏻‍♂️

This is my first attempt to really give something back to the open-source community. If you liked this and are currently using (or planning to use) it, please do show some support by starring and forking the repository and / or by following me on Github and Twitter to be updated with more such work by me.

These little actions won't cost you a penny, but they'll boost my motivation and confidence in ways I can't even express 😅

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Also because I don't have any tracker to see who's using this at all (in-fact, I'm not a supporter of trackers), please don't forget to talk about how you're using tor-nginx-proxy for your use-case with the hashtag: #tor_nginx_proxy.

Can I contribute to maintaining it?

Of course, I'd be glad to have you contribute to this in any way possible. Please feel free to open an issue or reach out to me on Twitter to discuss more about it.

Have any issues?

Please open a new issue on the github issue tracker so that me or anyone from the community can have a look at it and suggest.

Support The Tor Project

For the Tor project sustainability, I strongly encourage you to help setup Tor bridges/exit nodes(script) and donate money to the Tor project (Not this nginx-proxy project) as and when you have the ability / capacity :))

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